dfu-programmer installation for Mac OSX

This fall semester (2010) I was asked to help out in the lab (or applied) portion of mechatronics. For me this is really fun because it allows me to put what knowledge I have about microcontrollers to use. Currently, in mechatronics, the students are starting to use the Maevarm mcu that I mentioned in an earlier post about Mechatronics, so I thought I might get a little practice with the Maevarm again, but on my Mac. The Maevarm is an atmel atmega32u4 with a usb bootloader, which means that it can be programmed with the dfu-programmer interface.

The dfu-programmer is a Device Firmware Update based USB programmer forAtmel chips with a USB programmer. Its function is comparable to the Flip programming interface. It requires the libusb library for functionality and I saw that a few people had trouble getting the dfu-programmer/libusb combo to install properly, so what I did was package the two and create a single install script for the latest versions of the software.

If using Mac  install CrossPack for avr, which is in a nice .dwg format.

If using Linux install AvrDude (note: I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet)

Then download dfu_programmer_install. (the file is at the bottom of the post)

Then follow the installation instructions, which are also in the README of the file:

– In Terminal navigate to your dfu_programmer_install directory.
– Type: ./install_dfu_programmer.sh
– This executes the install.
– You will be prompted for your password. Type in your password.
– If the install is sucessful you should see the dfu-programmer
– press ‘q’ to exit the manual.
Further testing steps may be found in the README in dfu_programmer_install.

File: dfu_programmer_install