GPU Programming and Architecture

GPU Programming and Architecture ( CIS565 ) is a class taught by Patrick Cozzi that focuses on GPU hardware, CUDA, massively parallel algorithms, graphics pipeline, real-time rendering, 3D engine...

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Learning in Robotics

Learning in Robotics (ESE650) is a class taught by Professor Dan Lee where we applied machine learning techniques to real world robotics problems and data. Feature based RGB-D Pose...

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Physics Based Animation

Physics Based Animation ( CIS563 ) is a class taught by Joseph Kider where we learned about and applied techniques used in animation and games.

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Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics ( MEAM620 ) is a class taught by Dr. Vijay Kumar and Dr. Jianbo Shi where we learned the basics of robot navigation, control, and vision.

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Senior Design

For mechanical engineering seniors at UPenn we all have a senior design during our entire senior year. My team is working on a tail-sitting quadrotor based UAV that we...

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Playing with PyOpenGL

This past summer I had a bit of free time when I wasn’t playing with robots in the ModLab. Since working in the ModLab means that interact with Python...

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dfu-programmer installation for Mac OSX

This fall semester (2010) I was asked to help out in the lab (or applied) portion of mechatronics. For me this is really fun because it allows me to...

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Toggling Mac Desktop Visibility.

For a good portion of time I was running both Windows and Mac on my computer using bootcamp. It was great, until my Windows partition crashed on me. So...

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Wyvern Quadrotor

Back in my spring semester of Junior year, two of my friends (Bill and Paul) and I decided that we wanted to build some sort of robot. It just...

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closed gripper.

Modlab Factory Floor

My first summer for the ModLab (the summer before my junior year) I helped out with the Upenn ModLab’s Factory Floor project. I worked under a Doctorate student Kevin...

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